Sephora and You

The Sephora Bug

We like to say that you get "bitten by the Sephora bug". The symptoms are clear enough : a real passion for the world of beauty, attention to customers and a strong desire to enhance the beauty of each individual. And the results? Ask our staff. They know that once you're touched by Sephora, you're never the same again!

Personalities not just CVs

We think talent often exceeds qualifications, age, gender or background. That's why we look beyond your cv to discover who you really are. If you are a focused, creative individual. If you care about customers and are genuinely interested in skincare, perfume and makeup. If you show initiative, drive, and daring. If you are energetic and have a positive outlook. If this is you, and you work happily in a team, then we want you on our team!

Becoming Sephora

From first introductions to career promotions, we support you on every step of your Sephora adventure. And whether you're based at Head Office or working in-store, if you have talent, it'll be recognized and nurtured. Award winning training and development programs. Internal competitions. Daily challenges. Motivated staff get plenty of opportunities to move forward, both personally and professionally.

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Inside Sephora

One strong ambition bring us together:

Be the most admired prestige beauty retailer worldwide!

Here lies the very source of our daily mobilization and engagement.

We operate in more than 30 countries and our concept successfully matches – as proven by our growth – local specificities and clients expectations.

We like to say that we are a retailer like no other. At the core of our model is the unique shopping experience we deliver, thanks to all those who make it happen, day after day: our teams, our people.

1. A caring, generous, open community

Our business, managerial and cultural models are inspired and nurtured by feminine values. No wonder why, at Sephora, "CARING" has a central place and drives our relations with customers and societies, as well as the relations within our community.

Our mindset is based on our DNA:

AMAZING BEAUTY SELECTION: Sephora is all about the widest, largest beauty offer in the world. A dream team of selective and exclusive brands plus the smart Made in Sephora. We are always hunting for new brands and products to amaze and delight our customers.

FREEDOM TO EXPERIENCE: Sephora is a beauty playground. A place of freedom to test, try and experiment. A place to enjoy and discover beauty through experience. We give the freedom to our clients to experience Sephora when, where and how they want.

DISRUPTIVE SPIRIT: Sephora astonishes with our boldness and audacity. Sephora distorts and modernizes traditional beauty categories. Because at Sephora we see the world differently, with a zest of humor.

FUN PLACE TO LEARN: Sephora is about learning whilst having fun. Our clients learn in our stores and online about beauty and trends. Sephora empowers clients to reinforce their personalities through beauty. Sephora is a great place to work for our staff – a place to learn, discover and stretch the mind but with fun and joy.

2. A community of beauty experts, with a sound client intelligence

It is because all our employees live a unique job experience, made of training, learning, development and progression that our customers can be offered a unique and vibrant experience of beauty, nurtured by advice, services and expertise.

We consider the Sephora jobs as beauty experts jobs, client intelligence jobs, because they require much more than being good at selling products.

This requires special skills, behavioral skills. This is what the Sephora University is for. To learn what the Sephora Attitude and Sephora Management Style are about. And make them yours. To proudly embody them!

This way we work, live, think, act by our values and culture...

...makes us a special company and a unique community,

...explains why «We Are Sephora» and why we're proud of it, the reason why we get up every morning, to Sephorize the world!


Beauty Intelligence

Passion for Beauty

Early adopters. New idea spotters. All Sephora beauty advisors started out as passionate customers. Beauty experts who – like you - spent precious hours testing products and methods, colors and styles. This passion for beauty, for helping people reveal their best selves, is what it takes to become a Sephora beauty advisor.

Advice that fits

With thousands of brilliant Sephora and international brand products, our customers rely on us for guidance. And we’re happy to help. With an eye for detail and the sense that every customer is an individual who deserves special attention. With personalized tips and suggestions, make-up lessons and beauty treatments. So our customers get the impartial advice they need to put their best face forward.

Freedom for all

When you step inside Sephora you enter an extraordinary world, a place where your heart beats faster and the possibilities beckon. Being free to explore possibilities is what Sephora is all about. And it’s not just our customers who value that freedom. Sephora advisors do too. At Sephora we encourage our experts to freely express their opinions because we believe those opinions are valuable.

Just within reach

Sephora beauty advisors are never obtrusive, but always within reach – to listen, understand and inform. Honestly. Because when it comes to beauty, people can make up their own minds. They just need expert advices.